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CannaCards Story

CannaCards were created by digital artist & animator Collie Pixels. Collie is a Medical Cannabis user & has been his entire adult life. Collie credits cannabis for helping him maintain a high quality of life & health that has let him lead successful careers as a digital artist, & motion graphics animator. 

Collie Pixels is a cannabis advocate & is donating a portion of the proceeds to cannabis advocacy. 



Cards ERC721 NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain.


Series #01 is the old school strains that started modern cannabis culture. Panama Red, Colombian Gold, .

  • Cards are minted with exclusivity -Limited edition-series01 

  • Sold on for ethereum or other cryptocurrency agreed upon.

  • Super Very Rare cards introduced randomly

  • Card back has stats for each strain

  • Each strain has been extensively researched by our staff



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